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Activities in Our SchooL

Sharing is caring

An activity becomes even more fruitful with the support of parents. In an initiative to foster the value of *Sharing is Caring* in our children, they were asked to bring an earthen piggy bank (gullak) from home.It was painted and decorated by the children beautifully in the school and sent back home ,by emphasizing how little thoughtful acts can have impact on others lives.The parents were asked to encourage the little ones to save money and break it open on the New Year's eve.The money thus collected was used to buy something for a less fortunate person

Gurpurab and Children's Day Celebration Children's day was rescheduled and celebrated with great gusto on the scintillating morning .The children came to school dressed in traditional attire and exuded excitement, that was palpable in their beaming smiles.

The celebration commenced with the emphasis on the value of selfless service in the form of Kar Seva. During which the children distributed the prasad of halwa poori to the entire school staff.

Children were entertained with wonderful stories narrated and dramatized by teachers,which uplifted them to the world of imagination. They savoured meethi seviyan and other food items with their classmates during the Langar.On this divine day, God's little wonders created special and sweet moments of togetherness.


Dream Diwali Green Diwali

Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the KG block

and its revelry continued for five days in an environmental friendly way. It started with an emphasis on the value of sharing and caring and how children can play a proactive role by saving for less fortunate people in their earthen gullak,which they had got from home and decorated in the school.

*Go Earthy* in which the children made pots on the potter's wheel and bio degradable diyas with the clay.
*Dream Diwali Green Diwali* was the theme for 'Show and tell competition' for class KG.The eco warriors spoke very confidently on the theme and urged the senior class students and teachers to join the eco friendly momentum in a big way.

*Festive Treats*- A ladoo making activity was organized in the classroom with the demonstration of the process by the teacher and ended with everyone relishing the sweet delicacy.

*Class Decoration activity*- started with cleaning of the classes by the children and adorning them with painted diyas,gullaks,lanterns and Diwali greetings.Children's effort added a beautiful radiance to the entire KG block.

For *Burst with Excitement* activity children added lovely hues to the festive ambience by coming to school in traditional Khadi dress.The painting and dancing activities added sparkles to their eyes.Children enjoyed sharing savoury food items in their tiffin with the classmates.The celebrations ended with gifting of lanterns by the class Didis ,which lighted the little hearts with joy and gratitude.

A four days workshop – “Children are the Curriculum” was conducted for the KG- Block It emphasized on childrens' proactive role in co- creating their learning objectives and goals together with teachers. It was presided by the Principal, Ms.Alka Awasthi, who reiterated about the importance of experiential learning in developing a richer and deeper level of understanding in children. The dynamic performance of children showcased the methodology and the tools used, to make learning effective and joyous.

Expressions-Unleashing Creativity, an exhibition cum Parent-Teacher Dialogue was organized by the Pre-Primary Block unleash the artist existing in each one of us and integrate art with the classroom learning process the spectacular exhibition and restated the significance of unleashing creativity through artistic expressions.

The exhibition offered the young students an opportunity to enhance their creativity and improve their ability to control material and tools and foster appreciation for the visual art among the little learners by exposing them to sensorial experiences. Independence Day Celebration

A special assembly ‘Rhyme and Rhythm’was held for Independence Day celebration with great pride and patriotic fervour. It was presided by the Principal, Headmistress and the special guests for this occasion were the fathers of KG Block children.

Gurpurab Celebrations

Gurpurab celebrations were held with the emphasis on 'Kar Seva' at the KG Block.To add radiance to the day, a human chain was created to welcome the children. In order to instill the value of service, Kar Seva was performed by the chldren through activities such as; laying Langar at the Plaza for the maids and serving them Prasad of halwa and poori ,which they had got from home.They distributed teacups to them. Children helped their friends in keeping the shoes, distributing mats,collecting the wrappers and throwing them in the dustbin .The celebrations concluded with a sweet devotional note , when they too savoured the prasad during Langar with their friends.

Super Mini Sports Event Super Mini Sports Event – Just Connect was organized.The special guests of this event, were the grandparents and the children from N.G.O –SETU.It was presided by the Principal,Vice Principal and Headmistress from Primary and Pre-primary. All the versatile leaders of the school addressed the gathering and reiterated the importance of the grandparents in the child’s life and how they are instrumental in imparting values to their grandchildren. This event gave the little Mayoorians an opportunity to bask in the warmth and love of their grandparents and have a super bonding time amidst many games and activities.The Grandparents were spellbound by the young champs’ energetic Aerobic, Karate and dance performances. The amphitheater reverberated with loud squeals of joy and cheering when the Evergreen Champs played Musical chair, ball dribbling and passing the ball games. It ended on a high note with the distribution of gift hampers to the SETU children.

Workshop Idea Box 2018 "Everything starts with an Idea" A workshop -Idea Box, was conducted by the Headmistress,.It was presided by the Principal, who addressed the gathering with her motivational speech and innovative ideas that would take the school to stratospheric heights. It was aimed to give direct experience of the methodology and curriculum followed at the Kindergarten stage. Various teaching techniques and multitude of ideas that facilitate learning were showcased. The insights coupled with the live demonstration by the children and the involvement of the parents created magical moments. It charged everyone to participate proactively in bringing out the best in children. The workshop was attended by approximately 250 parents.

CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION Unique charm and splendour prevailed in the KG block on Children’s Day, when the tiny tots arrived at the school with their best dress and beaming smiles. There were array of activities lined up for them to make their day special, such as- dance session, performances by teachers and painting colourful smilies together on a white cotton sheet. The main highlight of the day was the Fashion Show- Proud to Be Me. In which children reflected their individuality and clinched many tittles.

Dusshera Celebration Dussehra was celebrated with gaiety and grandeur by the KG block children . A vivid description of ‘Ram Katha’ was given to the children through a live puppet show. It was very captivating and enjoyed immensely by them. They were acquainted with the values portrayed by Lord Rama through modules, rhymes, skit and Garba dance.

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